We are a network of Catholic and Christian friends who work voluntarily in our countries to recover the true meaning of Christmas. We belong to different spiritual groups and this enriches more the wayof showing adhesion to this campaign of international character. This year will be our fifth year.

Million people in the world experience day to day the transforming force of Jesus. He changed our life! He became man to save us, dying on the cross to redeem us. He, the very same God! For that reason we want to take the spirit of Christmas to the street, to the public life, to everybody.

We work in our daily life walk where we contact people who we know personally or via written or electronic invitation. We tell them of this international campaign and we give them ideas on how to join from their houses as family or where they study or work.

How? … Setting nativity scenes on… windows, frontyards, patios, entrance hall to buildings, squares, parks, front of churches, factories, industries, schools, universities, children care centers, clubs, neighborhoods,… etc.

To organize shortcaroling in our neighborhood - districts, buildings, condominiums, squares, parks, and places where lots of people go by. In schools, universities, entrance of shrines andchurches. Also, in bus terminals, subway, airports, ports.

The campaign is always active, that is 365 days a year. We begin to motivate our brothers, sisters, and friends starting on October 18. The week prior to the first Sunday of Advent, we should already have a database with people who will receive daily brief meditations, which will prepare usthe best way for the coming of Baby Jesus.

Many people share these reflections with their life groups, co-workers and others. Also in recent years, some Catholic radios stations had joined us.

  • tospread our campaign into other languages (for this we need people of goodwill to help us with translations)

  • to have a network of collaborating friends to be the contact in different languages.

  • to commit religious, secular, etc. people to pray for us all who work hard in the last months of the year when everyone is super stressed.

  • Information on those who feel identified with our mission and at the same time carry out the same spirit activities for those who are abandoned or with low income



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Enrique Soros
Circulation in USA and Europe
elephones: 301-530-1200, 301-530-8027


Jorquera Guzmán

Circulation in LatinAmerica

Salamanca – Chile